6 Things Ethos Group Looks For During On Campus Interviews \\\\\\\\\\

Students often wonder what we look for in candidates during an on campus interview. The secret is now out!

Our interview process is designed to focus on 6 behaviors that successful people in the automotive industry possess. There are many more as well, but this is a great starting point in determining a possible match. Evaluating yourself in these categories is a helpful tip for any individual preparing themselves for a new opportunity!

Students are not taught this in the classroom, so this characteristic usually comes from individuals with a strong inner drive to be their best. Reflect upon this and ask yourself, do you do the right thing and also more than is expected without being asked? Be prepared to answer interview questions that will exemplify you have initiative.

Professional Appearance. Our industry is one of the few that still believes a business suit creates a lasting and more professional first impression. Candidates who arrive on time and are also well-groomed and dressed in professional attire impress us! Not only does it reveal your preparation, but it allows us to visualize you in the position. Our recruiters are always a good resource to help with professional appearance tips.

How well do you know what you want to be after you graduate? Not many students do, so this should not shake your confidence. Prepare before arriving so you are ready to answer basic questions about your personality, accomplishments, hobbies, etc. This allows you to remain poised and communicate clearly, which in itself will make you look and actually be more confident. Those that do this during an interview are likely to do the same on the job!

Goal Oriented. Have you ever thought about what you would like to accomplish in the present and the future? Often we hear students have never given any thought to where they will be in 2, 5, or even 10 years after graduation. We challenge you to dig in and really think about it and be able to talk about it. People that set goals are more likely to achieve them, and as a result experience greater success in work and life in general!

Everyone has a story about how they got where they are, and sharing that is a fun and interesting part of our interview process. However students that recognize listening is just as important as talking stand out! We are all always learning. School is not over just because you graduated!

Involvement. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting involved outside the classroom to stand out among your peers. This can include having a job while you go to school, joining a fraternity or sorority, being in a club that means something to you, etc. Involvement beyond just academics will reflect your work ethic, social skills, passion, and ability to balance the demands of life. The Business Manager opportunity we recruit for is fast paced, and someone that has experience with juggling multiple things tends to like that this position is similar in that way and is often more successful.

Interviewing with a company can be intimidating for anyone. Even if a position as a Business Manager is not a good fit for you, have the confidence to know you will succeed and the drive to make it happen. Set some goals, get out there, and good luck!

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