World Kindness Day \\\\\\\\\\

Today is World Kindness Day. This is an annual celebration to encourage kindness by promoting good deeds.

At Ethos Group, we are celebrating by donating nutritious non-perishable food to the North Texas Food Bank (“NTFB”) to help work towards a hunger-free, healthy North Texas. More than 800,000 North Texans are food insecure1. What is “food insecurity”? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as unable to consistently access or afford adequate food2. 80 percent of NTFB clients choose to purchase inexpensive and often unhealthy foods in order to have something to eat3. Healthy bodies and minds require nutritious meals to thrive. One nutritious meal makes a difference for these individuals. We hope to reach our 1,000 can goal by November 16, 2018.  


Remember kindness can be shared no matter how big or small the act is. How are you going to celebrate World Kindness Day?



Facts about North Texas Food Bank (“NTFB”)


NTFB is a hunger relief organization that focuses on providing food insecure individuals in North Texas access to nutritious meals. Each day, the NTFB and their feeding network provides access to more than 190,000 meals for hungry children, seniors, and families across the 13 counties they serve4. Here are some hunger facts based on the North Texas population.


Realities of Hunger in North Texas

  • More than 800,000 people in NTFB’s 13-county service area are food insecure – 1 in 6 people.
  • One in every four kids in North Texas is food insecure – almost 300,000 children.
  • 95 percent of households served by NTFB have an annual household income of $30,000 or less.
  • In North Texas, 1 in 6 food-insecure households is home to a veteran.
  • There is a strong correlation between hunger and health, with one in three client households affected by diabetes – and 60 percent with unpaid medical bills5.



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