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Ethos Group gives our clients an edge by providing an array of automotive industry recruiting services supported by a dedicated department of recruiters at our headquarters in Texas. Our purpose is simple – to be the value-added resource in recruiting high-quality candidates to fill demanding dealership positions.

We have developed and maintained relationships with placement offices all over the country. Our teams are highly active on university campuses, where we have a constant presence. Initiatives include relationship building with campus recruiting centers, sororities and fraternities, active engagement in student organizations, sponsorships and hosted info sessions. These combined efforts have proven successful in promoting the automotive industry, making valuable connections and directing career paths to our clients.

To ensure we are finding the best people, our associates evaluate candidates through multiple interviews, detailed personality assessments, goal-setting exercises and background screening. This comprehensive approach to recruiting has resulted in thousands of dealership placements and saved our clients countless hours of time and energy.