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Ethos Group clients have access to an industry-leading educational program that goes beyond conceptual training. Our team of sales, service, and finance trainers will mentor your employees and help them bring the vision for your dealership to fruition.

Ethos Group Technology

People are an organization’s greatest asset. We believe that focused leadership, education and training transform good dealerships into great dealerships.

Ethos Group Technology training programs are founded on the belief that consumers are willing to pay for an exceptional, no-compromise car ownership experience. We work with dealership personnel to find engaging ways to connect with consumers and exceed their ever-changing expectations.

  • In-dealership Sales and F&I Training Classes
  • Online Vehicle Sales Training
  • Online F&I Compliance Certification Program
  • F&I Classroom Training Courses
  • Regional Leadership Workshops
  • Partner-Sponsored Experience Conferences
  • National Leadership Seminar


We recognize that as a dealer you have a tremendous investment in your business.  Our training greatly and significantly enhances return on investment by leveraging training throughout your dealership. We help maintain the most qualified and capable teams, and our educational programs provide the foundation for the work that is performed beyond the classroom. Our consultants work one-on-one with dealership employees on a weekly basis to reinforce the concepts discussed in the classroom and see that they are applied within the dealership. This follow-through is key to the success that our company’s reputation has been built upon.